Black Princess’s Pick

H.E.R! Fight. For. YOU! Tiara! You know you BAD girl! H.E.R sang the hell out of this song and lets hope hell will leave the hearts of the white nationalist and the uncle toms and the uncle tommettes. The Original Black Panthers set in motion a movement that is yet still flowing throughout each generation until this very day. I hope this song becomes more than just music to most, but a conviction to live by. How easy it is to gather in crowds and chant Black Lives Matter, but it don’t do a bit of good if not applied to the private sectors of life, especially by those who are the catalyst for why we must yet still stand even in 2021. FIGHT!

They said it best!
From: Federal Way, WA
“As soon as they figure out you’re not #Stupid: All of a sudden you’re #crazy. “

One of the Greatest men God allowed to walk the earth

Now here some pork that even Muslims can appreciate.

Now Serving Porkchops!!

2021 Derek Chauvin is going to prison. Pig!

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Shiny Moments in the Dark