Road Tough! Road Strong!

I wanted to share with those in the industry of trucking, the Road Tough! Road Strong! store has been nominated. I appreciate the recognition. Thank you, God!

The world is like a big slab and it’s not for the faint in heart.

The trucking industry have it’s challenges. There are travel agents handing out tickets daily.

But even if you’re a Lone Coin, a Skateboarder,

or a Bulldog barking at Buster Brown…right now Salt Shakers are taking over cities,

turfs and towns all around, but it don’t slow down the Semi or the Fat Load.

And there be a many Bobbi Bunnies Draggin’ and Willie Wagons,

Reefers and Thermos, you know. Whoever and whatever you are in the trucking industry,

you gotta be tough enough to take it and strong enough to make it. And on time too dammit.

I know, we try.

Raise your flags up high! View the products below.

When done, check out the rest of the products at M.E. by clicking Road Tough! Road Strong! Truckers Collection link.

              Flags are available in sizes 3 X 5ft 6 X 10ft and 5 X 8ft. 
           If you prefer a table throw/cover, banner, a picture, a shirt, or a customized fleece blanket 
            printed of one of the designs below, request can be made through email or via the telephone. 
             Table throws/covers-3 or 4 sided table dimensions (available in 4,6,or 8ft wide) start at 130.00. 
          Banners start at 15.00. Pics start at 10.00 Plain 100% white Cotton T-Shirt is 15.00. Packaging, shipping, and handling of purchases is provided by a third-party company. 

Available also in red, white, and black.