Reformation vs. Repentance


To reform means that transition has transpired but it doesn’t mean that repentance has occurred. Life itself is a model of reformation. Seasons change…people age….the cycle of life eventually comes to an end, resulting in death. Afterwards, we change from physical houses—our natural bodies…and we receive our eternal habitat. This is what reforming is all about. But reforming is not the absolute, but it is a component of repentance. But alone, concerning Salvation, it’s nothing more than progression, constantly evolving but never obtaining the ultimate purpose for living…and it’s to gain Salvation for the soul.

If a criminal spend his days offending…let’s use robbing banks for an example, he robs banks for years and one day decides to stop. This is indeed reformation. But is it Salvation? No. Just because an individual who decided to commit sin or crime, (both could be occurring) and he then decides to stop, it doesn’t resolve the issue. What about justice? Should such an individual escape or elude prosecution and the victims be denied their due process resulting in the return of their goods, piece of mind, security, etcetera? No. God is a Judge and He is Justice and the Justifier unto goodness.

The truth is, the guilty should face the punishment for all of the wrongdoing. This is the case for all of mankind. We were born in sin. Many of us committed crimes. Should we then escape what is due to us because we see the light…because our consciousness begins to bear witness that we are wrong? God posed a question to all the inhabitants of the earth. It is, “Should Christ suffer the cross and the whole world go free?” NO. We’re then instructed to pick up our cross and to follow Him. If a criminal spends his days offending and one day decides to stop, this is indeed reformation. But is it Salvation? No. What such a person would need is a pardon. Without a pardon, the stipulations for committing crimes remain, as do the judgment for sin. Many of us should be in jail. Many of us should be dead. The law would require it. Certainly, God would. God is greater than ALL manmade laws and always will be. It’s good to stop sinning. It’s good to stop committing crimes against God and people. But to merely stop isn’t going to grant you entrance into heaven. Biblical scriptures are included as a reference point for research.

Blessed are the Chosen of God

You have to be chosen for the pardon. As it is naturally, not all will receive one. But what Christ offers is the opportunity for soul Salvation…and he offered it to the entire world. Many are called so many will come. Few are chosen so few will be saved. And the choice doesn’t belong to people. It belongs to God, only. Servants of God can offer…witness to people about Salvation, but only God pick HIS sons and daughters. Jesus the Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world…though he had not sinned. But He became the Advocate the Mediator for sinners, and it’s through the shedding of his blood and the pouring of the Spirit of God that Salvation is available. How is it available? It’s made possible because Jesus rose from the dead. This is how it’s possible. For Him to have remained in the grave after death, would have sealed the fate of all mankind. There wouldn’t be a 21st century.

This is how the pardon for sin is possible. Christ came and was entreated as the guilty, as the criminal…as the sinner and he received the punishment for it, just to die to be revived, and now He has become the Judge over us all. He died as a result of sin—our sin, so yes, he can speak and get the final say about it our judgments. Without the pardon, just like Jesus who carried our sin, the consequences are due to us. Christ is the Revelation that the shadows of the Old Testament concealed but informed us about the present and the future. Now, this has to be written so that people will not get the wrong impression. No. We don’t get to walk around committing sin and crime and elude consequences because Jesus is merciful. God will not help us sin. God will not help us commit crime, it is against His nature. Though when He performs judgment; to mankind, especially wicked men and women, it looks like sin and crime, but it’s no such thing. God is Judge and Avenger. It’s as simple as that. Just because some don’t believe, fear, or understand, it doesn’t make it null and void. God is Judge and Avenger…He is the creator of the world or there wouldn’t be a world.

No. We don’t get to walk around committing sins and crimes at God’s expense. Our century isn’t the origin of the written word-the Holy Bible. We who rewrite what’s already in existence don’t become originators but extensions of the foundation. We’re nothing more than mere servants of the same Faith. Some would dare try God. They judge Him wrongly because they’re committing sin, crime, and living to see another day. They take Gods’ love, grace, and mercies for granted, and even worse than that, the wicked think they’ll get away with it because God’s vengeance hasn’t manifested in their lives…though it’s on the way. Some would actually think God is giving them the right of way, the okay, the pat on the shoulder, or acting as if God is in Heavenly places smiling down at them, well pleased with them, because they haven’t felt the manifestation of the blow from His hand. It is sent. It shall come. The devil causes people to think God is less than purity. He is Holy at all times, not just in eternity. God is not partial.


Once again, no we don’t get to walk around committing sin and crime and elude consequences too. Why? I’ll let you know why. It’s the law. I do not speak of manmade laws, though some are enforced and backed up by God. It’s because He is the Origin of Order. God has regulations too and they are eternal. They originate from eternity( Exodus 31:18 ) as did Gods’ Holy Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) and they’re still being implemented to this day, physically. The Law of God states: Rather you be free or bond—a saint or a non-believer (Atheist), a Believer or a slave…whatever you may be or call yourself, what so ever a man sows—that which you do in thought, word, or deed–the use of your physical body, it doesn’t matter which part: The mouth—which I, the submitter of this article, am guilty of at times as was the Eagle-Eyed Prophet Isaiah…the hands, the mind, the feet, the eyes, the nose, the privates…whichever part, it don’t matter to God or the Son-Jesus the Christ, rather you be free or bond, you reap what you sow.

It is Jesus who confirmed what God demanded when He said cut off your hand if you sin with it because it’s better to enter heaven with one less hand than your whole soul be cast into hell fire. Cut it off has a two-fold meaning. One meaning: Do without it, whatever it is…the other is literal, if indeed it will cause you to stop sinning and committing crime, do it. (Matthew 5:27-30.) This is not just a text about sexual sins. If you are the one who goes about sinning and committing crime don’t blame others for your actions. Its in YOU. God has no respect of person. There is no preference…no favorites with God. If you be for Christ then there are no favorites because in God’s heart and eyes…Christ is Lord, and we can never be. None of us can ever take His place. Never. We’re in the same boat. It is written(James 2:1-18).

There are no big or better people versus small and pathetic people to God. We are all the same as sinners, and as Believers, God’s demeanor doesn’t change. There are no big or better people versus small and pathetic ones. Concerning saints versus sinners in the sight of God…the Brethren—we the Believers, become sons and daughters and the sinners yet remain wicked before the Heavenly Father who is the Creator of the universe. As sons and daughters, we are one with the Christ before God. As sinners, you’re one body of non-believers needing God. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world. God is the only difference between saints and sinners. Believers having Christ as Savior is the only difference and God has offered His Son for the Salvation of the entire world. Yet, not all will receive Him.

As a matter of fact, people that think they’re bigger or better than others…those who think they’re worthy or fortunate…the New Testament talk about how wicked it is to show partiality. If you show partiality, God is going to show it to you. It is written (Psalm 18:25-26). Whatever you show yourself to be He’ll return it in one form or another. No one escapes the judgment of God. Apostle Peter whom Christ initially entrusted with ushering in the church was a wicked judge. He wasn’t perfect but the Bible shows him to be a man of God by his actions, afterwards when he repented. Remember, the same Christ gave Judas Iscariot a chance too. Peter showed partiality(Galatians 2:11-21) between the Jews and the Gentiles. Christ gave His life for both. Peter was rebuked and he indeed repented and the Bible proves this a few times, but on one occasion, Peter would later meet with the Italian leader and the members of his household, who God gave Salvation to. Then Peter opened his mouth and said, “Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons . . .” (Acts 10:34-43). And Peter showing partiality wasn’t recorded in the Bible again. Like God say, “None is worthy of His Son or of His goodness.”

Though Jesus came to the Jews, but was rejected by His own lineage, Gentiles would then be graphed /received as well. But I would say, how could Christ be dying for the sins of the world and it be conducive to one race. The Jews is the smallest race of people on the planet—at least in Jesus day and before then, it is Gods’ reason for choosing them. How could Abraham be the father of nations and it be contributory to one race. Nations is plural. Abraham is not the father of a nation but of nations. It’s written(Genesis 17:5). God had a plan to include the world…all of it, and that is why Salvation is offered to all of it, it is so to this day. He now sits on King David’s throne—a biracial King, the great-grandson of Ruth the Moabitess.

Many will argue that God showed partiality because His chosen was the Jews. He chose the Jews like the Bible said because it was the smallest nation of people. It’s written(Deuteronomy 7:7). The ones most vulnerable God took under His wings. We should be following His example. Isn’t that just like God? He took the vulnerable nation under His wings. Other nations were stronger due to numbers. It makes since why God shed His wrath at their stiff-neck demeanor. Was God showing partiality? No. This is how you know that He wasn’t, He still fed the other nations of the world. The sun still shined upon them all. Abraham was not just the father to Jews but to the nations. God takes care of what He produces. He is NOT an infidel. You can’t be a Father and an infidel (1 Timothy 5:8). God will not be mocked. And those people who believe that it’s possible to be is wicked and double-minded, and like a serpent, double-minded people have split tongues. Trust not what they speak. These are you back-biters and slanderers.

This is what white nationalism is all about. Partiality. Some have the nerve to treat one fairly and the other less than, and here God is blessing everybody. One should have freedom but not the other. One should have civil rights but not the other. One should be helped but not the other. You should have water but the other shouldn’t. You should have safety but the other shouldn’t have security. That person has chosen satan for their spiritual equipping. The devil didn’t have to choose such a person because they’re choosing him, and it’s as simple as that. And it is so for anybody who practice partiality not just white nationalist. The devils’ traits are before all centuries ever came into existence. So, he didn’t just get started. It’s pretty messed up when all the devil does is roam the earth seeking whom he can kill, steal from, or destroy, and people come chasing him. And here God is helping everybody. Like I said, the sun is shining on the wicked too. But the wicked don’t appreciate anything. They’re selfish, greedy, and ungrateful. And it’s the case for some of those who claim God. But those are rebellious individuals and God say such a person is filled with witchcraft, and He has no part in that so-called saint.

God’s people receive correction. We welcome it because we love Him, and we know it’s Him loving us. No, we don’t just talk about loving Him. The devil can do that, but he want show it. He prefers showing partiality. The devil and jezebel’s children want receive correction either. Partiality is wicked before God because He gave His only Begotten Son even for the worst of sinners. Christ is against partiality, because He as the Son was killed for our sin. Partiality is from satan and his children practice it, though he cares nothing for them, and never will. But what the practice of partiality does do, is helps the sons and daughters of God to clearly see who is of satan or who is rebellious.

We live by every word that proceeds out the mouth of God(Matthew 4:4). What is the Bible saying? Whatever is spoken…written…induced through imparting of the Word of God via sermons…teachings, servants regardless of title or positions, etc….it is proceeding from Gods’ mouth. If you don’t want what’s coming from Gods’ mouth…the way it comes from Gods’ mouth, then all you have left is a bunch of polluted junk and doctrine that don’t mean anything and can’t do anything for your soul’s Salvation. It’s okay to have other words…other books, but you can only have ONE for Salvation….and everything that expands from it.

The Bible states whatsoever a man sows he shall reap. Reap: the payback. You invested; you not only get what you’ve invested, but that with interest. Whatever it is. Whatever it’s not. Understand God. This is God’s law and it doesn’t change. Whatsoever you sow you will reap. (Galatians 6:7-9). Why? Because God will not be mocked. Played stupid. Treated as the undergrad or the less than. He is Greatest. Not some punk you can push around. And there are those who want to be held in great esteem, but they mock God because of their unethical practices. NO, we can’t do what we want and escape the consequences. But, God can grant a pardon.

The Pardon

If God has not blotted you out of the Lambs Book of Life then it’s great news for you. God through Jesus can grant forgiveness, can cleanse sins…but not all consequences will be abated. Those that say just because God cleanses past sin, then the results from your sin will disappear also, is a lie contrived from religion. Ultimately, yes you escape eternal damnation from satan, yes. But if you were doing a bunch of mess…sins, and crimes before you get to the post where the blood of Christ is applied, don’t you think for one minute that all the consequences will subside. I heard years ago, while watching the television, a man who had been arrested for murder, stood before the judge of the courtroom and said, ”Yes, I’m guilty. But I have God now.” What does that have to do with it? That’s what the judge asked.

It is at the discretion of the judge or a person who has been wronged to pardon the crime. Pardoning the crime (evil actions) is not annihilating the charge…that, no one can rid one of. Even for Salvation, you have to face the charge to admit you need Jesus. If it’s an accurate charge, if one is indeed guilty, then there is nothing no one can do. If you’re wrong you’re wrong. The assailant at this point either admits truth or decline. The charge is merely informing the individual all that has occurred. But the punishment is the result or the consequences for what has occurred.

It is NOT the same for when one is defending themselves-defending human rights. Children are humans. Teens are humans. All age groups are humans. It is not the same. You don’t get to constantly abuse somebody because you think you can take advantage of someone and get away with it. Some people walk around on the planet deliberately abusing others and then got nerve to think it’s wrong when someone stands up for themselves, resisting the abuse and misuse. Not correction. Just straight out abuse. God say provoke no man to anger. Even the Bible give instructions to parents. The word say do not provoke your children to anger (Ephesians 6:4) Fathers and mothers, do not provoke your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Many parents are trying to discipline without righteous living for the Lord. It’s not effective without Him. People are made in Gods’ image not in the image of devils and abusers. We don’t belong to people, though there are obligations, but to God we shall forever belong, just like the children of the unrepentant will forever be with satan. This is why there was a revolt during slavery. I guess all the children, the teens, and the people were wrong for fighting the abusers too.  They were wrong for letting their abusers know I’m human and I feel too. Absolutely not. How can those who aren’t doing right…aren’t living right…aren’t teaching the right things, be suited to give the judgment to. That person deserve every form of abuse they give because they aren’t right themselves. Praying is good but faith without work doesn’t benefit anyone. He who prays aren’t better than they who pray and work. Those who felt it okay to let their abusers trample as they pray aren’t any better than those who stood and resisted the devils. The blood is on the hands of the wicked even if it spills not.

A pardon causes one to face the charge, and if indeed a penalty is due, if there is guilt, it’s at the discretion of the person how to handle it. Gods’ people we seek God. God be first. Some try to equate consequences to unforgiveness…it’s not so, accept there be just straight out NO forgiveness. No forgiveness does not require anything at all from God. You don’t have to seek Him on anything. You don’t have to say anything to Him if that’s the case. People who don’t forgive don’t seek or say anything to God as a matter of fact. What would be the point. It’s redundant. All God is going to say is forgive and if that’s not what you’re going to do then it’s over with. That settles it. Move forth.

Some don’t want to deal with the fact that they suffer loss. That settles that. Some calling evil good and good evil when they see some operate in wickedness. Who would want to have something to do with a person like that. God said reward NO man evil for good(Proverbs 17:13). That is exactly what satan did to God in heaven, and  what many did to Jesus on earth. God said, have NOTHING to do with a double-minded people(James 1: 7-8). Nothing. God has laws too. God give demands too. He has given Commandments. We have to obey HIM or risk losing our souls. If God is wrong, then the Righteous is wrong. But God is right about it. He can’t ever be wrong. Justice and judgments is of the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 18:5). Showing partiality to the wicked is not good nor is depriving the innocent of justice. And you’re never wrong for operating within the realms of His glorious Tabernacle. It’s eternal.

God is Justice and will forever be. He is Judgment and will forever be. He is the Great Avenger, the Bible, and He will forever be. Sometimes, facing the sin or crimes committed will bring about judgment, as in the courtroom, had the judge not given a punishment…if she’d denied the justice to the offended party—the remaining family members, the dead…even God acknowledged the dead who was slain in innocence as He did with Cain and Abel, God would had charged this judge with wickedness. God not only charged Cain, who tried to get out of it, but punished him also. Is God unforgiving. The devil is a lie. God is Justice. He is Judgment. He is the Great Avenger. He is Righteousness. In the Holy Bible it is written(Isaiah 5: 20. Isaiah 5:23).

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The judge in the courtroom stated, “You killed innocent people, and because you now see the light they shouldn’t receive justice?” Once again, this man repented. There is actual physical proof of what he had done. Not a rumor. Not imagination. Not assumptions. It wasn’t a case of circumstantial evidence…or someone accusing a person because they think they know so much. The person who did it, admitted it, and took full responsibility for it. He told the judge, “Yes, I was there. It was my knife. I used it. I did kill them. It was me.” The truth is, it’s a LIE to tell people, if they receive God that there’s a definite alleviation of consequences from past sins or crimes. The consequence for being born a sinner may disappear after you receive Christ, but even the thief who Christ granted paradise to died beside Him as a result of his wrongdoing.

The thief saw the light too. He didn’t just pop off the cross once Christ told him everything was clear. He was held accountable for his actions, nonetheless. And the thief on the cross was apparently repentant because he too spoke out his mouth, yes, I am guilty to the Savior, as he paid for what he did on the cross, because he had made his wrong…right. The thief himself said I deserve what I’m getting. But the innocent doesn’t deserve it. The innocent not deserving hardship or affliction as a sinner or as a saint has no bearing, because in the sight of God, concerning Salvation, all are guilty of sin because of the wrong choice of Adam and Eve. God hit every generation due to their wrongdoing. God is a dangerous God. He will do it. He hit all of mankind due to Jesus dying on the cross. God is a dangerous God. He will do it. Unjust, not from God’s heart. Why would He? I’ll tell you why He’ll curse others within another generation. There’s nothing new about what I’m about to write. It’s simply put, anything of like-mindedness God will destroy. (Isaiah 5:14). It’s just that simply. Monkey see, monkey do. The blind leading the blind who follows…all fall into the ditch too.

As a matter of fact, the repentant welcome God’s heart in the matter. This is another model of King David. He was wrong, admitted it, and welcomed God’s justice and judgment. Those after Gods’ own heart want what God want. It’s as simple as that. David picked what he wanted as did the thief, as do many, and look what happened. It don’t matter who or what it is. It don’t matter what area in life it is in. Only what God wants works. David lived to learn, I rather have what God wants me to have, and not just my own desires. The thief learned and died. God will not be mocked. God judged King David for his past sins and even after repenting, God’s judgments came to pass. God being judge doesn’t detour His mindset concerning Justice. It never has. It never will. I’m sorry doesn’t cause ALL consequences to dissolve. And in most situations it doesn’t mean anything at all. But it is up to God what He’ll render…just what it is you shall reap, indeed. God will give it in His timing.

And don’t worry about the lies people have told or about what you’ve been accused of…God knows the whole truth and He judges accordingly…ONLY. God is not an accuser or a wicked judge. Some people are. God get in your face and will tell you why–He has his way. You know if you’ve done wrong or not. God don’t judge you on the assumptions of others. It’s nothing. He doesn’t whip you over a lie or over accusations. It’s nothing. Truth presents evidence…some come early, some come late. But it comes. And the dark is as the light with God He don’t need it to manifest before He write in the judgment, because He knows the whole truth. People need physical proof. There’s no blaming people wrongly with God. The devil blame people wrongly. Some people blame others wrongly. God is Righteous and so are His children.

Christ died for the sins of mankind. The ultimate punishment is hell. Through Christ our sins are forgiven. Our sins are washed. The penalty for sin is hell so yes, we elude hellfire for eternity when we repent. That’s the gist of it. The wages of sin is death. Hell is equated to death but not only that, if you spend your days operating in carnality, you do so in death. You’re dead to the life of God and you’re blinded by darkness because you don’t have or know God. It don’t matter what your material possessions are. You’re dead to God. Reformation isn’t the funnel to Salvation…repentance is. Like God said to me, “When I judge men when they stand before me, would it be based on the present or the past.” I told God the past. He replied, “You speak, right.” Why is it right? Because God judges us for what we’ve done and even if we’re currently practicing sin, He knows the end of the decisions from the moment you start to think and He judges it. He knows the ending from the beginning. You don’t have to get finished for God to be finished with it or you.


What is Repentance? Repentance is composed of Godly sorrow. And there is a reason it is called Godly sorrow. But not only that, it is also combined with confession and rejection/forsaking. These are the main components of repentance. All are needed. All must be applied and practiced. All must be maintained as you live life. There is no such thing as feeling sorry and yet continuing in the same offense. This is a liar. This is of satan. The devil–satan can and do speak every language other than the mysteries of God, because he doesn’t know all there is to God. He doesn’t know all that God speak, and yet liars try to pretend like they know all that the Holy Spirit speaks.

People and the devil are creatures of creation like everything else. Can he speak some of what God speak, yes. The devil had to communicate with God as an angel while in heaven and he still talks to God, though cast out. Just like us, we communicate in our native tongues and for some, we speak with the heavenly language as the Holy Spirit gives the utterance, the reason for why we need an interpreter. The heavenly language is not a person’s native tongue. Even if reborn again, the heavenly language is Gods’ native tongue and it belongs to Him. Not us. God is the Teacher and the Interpreter. He is the one whose introducing it and use our mouth for it.

One can’t teach: “Ho-ah-ba-sha…e-ka-tah.” What is that? What part of heaven do it come from? We know God is the Originator of the Heavenly language, yes. But you can’t give an exam and grade the progress of Gods’ language. We know what letters look like in the alphabet on earth, even in different languages on earth, and for some, they speak different languages on the planet, but when it comes to Gods’ language, we’re not even for sure what He uses…it might not be a letter at all. Yes, at times He uses the earthly languages just not all the time. He doesn’t always speak Hebrew, Latin, English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etcetera. God speaks in mysteries and the Bible say He do. It’s an unknown code. A code can be composed of letters or numbers, or neither. And when you don’t understand, we seek Him and even when we do, we seek Him for why it’s even being spoken so it want be took out of context. Didn’t that happen in Acts the second chapter(Acts 2: 5-15). Those outside the upper room lied about what they thought was occurring when they heard God through the Holy Ghost speaking through His people.

Repentance is composed of Godly sorrow. And there is a reason it is called Godly sorrow. But not only that, it is also combined with confession, rejection/forsaking. These are the main components of repentance. Let’s talk about Godly sorrow. We are not God. But, it is God who created our soul and is within our soul…our heart and mind…the will, which is part of the spiritual being where the conscious operates at, for some. Some people’s conscious is seared. It’s like a hard scab and God can’t pierce their hearts. Though He could use force, but He want. If God forced people He couldn’t later judge them. When a heart can be pierced it yields to God’s laws and commandments, not people’s personal desires or your own for that matter. God might tell you no, and if that’s the case, you have to move on, and one will if their conscious isn’t seared or if they’re not bound in the gulf of rebellion. Gods’ people are going to obey Him. It’s as simple as that.

Once again, repentance is composed of Godly sorrow. And there is a reason it is called Godly sorrow. But not only that, it is also combined with confession and rejection/forsaking. These are the main components of repentance.

Godly Sorrow

Our spirit, which holds our mind and heart—where the will of a person is, is all covered by a fleshly body. God call this combination a living soul. When a living soul—which is a person, feels Godly sorrow–remorse, this is an individual whose heart has been touched by God. And as a result of God influencing their heart, they see what God see…they understand what He is feeling about the sin, wrongdoing, the crime that’s being committed, not just the errors of other people…not just the wickedness of the world, God deals with each individual about their own mess, first.

When the conscious has been reached by GOD, it’s more than, “Oh, I feel so wrong. I’m so sorry. My bad.” It’s more than words. It’s more than an emotion. It’s safe to say that Godly sorrow is mingled with His passion. When feeling what God feels, the heart of a person sets upon a course in the direction of God’s mind and heart. If God feels disgust…you feel disgust. If it brings tears to God’s eyes it does to yours too. If it angers God it will you too. And of course, if it’s Godly sorrow then you’re willing to do what God would do. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the wrong….right, because it pleases Him. Remember, God is the Author of Order.


This is the simpler part, though many would say it depends on what must be confessed. All things must be confessed to God the Father through Jesus the Christ at all times, first. But there are occasions, sometimes you must go back to whom you’ve offended…those you have wronged. This is God’s doing also and at times required by Him. Those you have wronged are due justice. Religion lie and do dirt, and then go to a corner and whisper it in the direction of God. It want matter, because God will not hear all confessions. And if it’s on the download you know what God is going to say already. At least the Righteous do. This is what King David did. Yes, he was heard. He did dirt and went into a corner, and when God came with judgment, whispers in a corner could not save him. It is an insult to God.

And some are having to confess frequently—I speak of character flaws, and I can speak on it because I live what I’ve been told to write by God. Yes, I have strength as do all people, but I have to face the weaknesses to. When you find yourself having to confess repeatedly, that’s the indication you’ve never felt the Godly sorrow. You weren’t moved to the point of repentance or else you would have stopped. Yes, cultivating takes time. But when I am wrong…using my mouth wrong, though it’s better now, I must admit, I still don’t trust myself. I don’t care how much better it has gotten. I don’t believe in religion for my works to be in vain. You know as a person if you’re doing something deliberately or not. I know if there are other options and if I’m choosing to use the better path. We all do. Religion in vain is for those who prefer the wrong path not those who work at keeping God happy. And for some…you have war wounds. Saints who endure a bunch of stuff, righteous military officials, and law enforcement officers…may endure circumstances that cause wounds…physically, emotionally, mentally, or more. In this case, God knows…He is Healer and Deliverer. How do you know they’re war wounds? It occurred during or can afterwards manifest concerning the trial…tribulation…persecutions…longsuffering, etcetera. That’s how you know.

When it becomes real…you aren’t going to want anything to do with why you have the need to confess in the first place. Whatever it is that is separating you from God. You can’t blame people unless you are with people that teach sin. What, you confessing constantly about the same thing, and constantly claiming Godly sorrow also, it’s obvious there’s a disconnect. No. I’m not saying that you don’t have God…but God is only going to tell you so many times…then there’s the chastisement of God even due to character flaws. Yet, God is patient.

You who need to get acquainted with God. Those of you who need Christ as your Savior, understand what’s required of you concerning confession. Like I started out saying…confession is due to Christ at all times, but there are occasions, some times you must go back to whom you’ve offended…those you have wronged. This is God’s doing also and at times required by Him. Those you have wronged are due justice. Religion lie and say conceal. We know the scripture that say love covers a multitude of sins and the same New Testament then gives instructions on when to cast folks out of the church for committing sin. The same testament say to avoid those who are contrary to sound doctrine, as well as give guidelines on how to arbitrate between people who are wrong and refuse to repent…and it includes 2 or 3 witnesses, or the church. Well, if that’s what’s occurring then the scripture instructing the covering of the multitude of sins is definitely being took out of context. If not, then look at the contradictions. But there are no contradictions. Covering the multitude isn’t saying avoid the reality of sin.

“Oh, Jonny Boy has been breaking into the cars on the block.”

“Well, shhh. You know he’s the pastor’s son and he’s the head deacon.”

“Oo-yeah. We got to cover the multitude of sins.”

Well, Jonny Boy is committing sin and crime and to cover him makes you an accomplice, an enabler. A condoner. A Wrongdoer. And if what Jesus offers–the cross experience, isn’t good enough concerning covering your sins, nothing an accomplice offers is going to make a difference. This scripture is not talking about avoiding sins. Just don’t deal with it. Let it continue on though you have the knowledge to prevent and stop it. The devil is a lie. And the person is doing it over and over again on top of it. Cursed you be, Meroz(Judges 5:23). This is still relevant to this day. When you see the wickedness flourishing and you can see where to help, and don’t, God curses you. Like God said, He cast away them of like-mindedness. It does not matter the century. The same sins He judged of old, He do now, and will always, until sin and the father thereof, is completely annihilated. This scenario is took out of context. It’s just wrong. First of all, the first act of sin doesn’t demonstrate what covering of sin is. Oh, and by the way…just how is it that we know about all the sins committed in the New Testament? There couldn’t had been a cove-up. Do you think when Adam and Eve sinned, afterwards they felt Godly sorrow? Yes. Yes, they did. The next thing they did was hid and tried to cover themselves.

And what do we learn next, God’s voice comes to the garden…what does He require when He shows up…God wasn’t ignorant about anything concerning the garden, before, during, or after the sin of the inhabitants occurred. But when God showed up, He didn’t act like Mr. Know-It-All though He is just that and more. He required them to confess. He could had told them all that they had did, but God didn’t. Adam–the Head of the Household, blames Eve. Eve blames the snake. And satan through the snake, blamed God before the actual confession of sin occurred. God was pointing His finger too and got to swirling it around all over the place. Man blaming woman. Woman blaming a snake. A fallen angel blaming God. God blamed everybody and everything. Just everything and everybody, everywhere, though 2 people be the catalyst for the judgment against us all.

What does God want you to know? Don’t you think for one minute when you sin you can hide it or conceal it. Love covered Adam and Eve’s sins because God covered their nakedness not because they tried to keep quiet about it. They still received judgment. The multitude of sins are covered by the Propitiation—Jesus the Christ, but it is not a demand to conceal the acts of wickedness…not in all situations, and the New Testament shows this, which is why we know about the sins of even some of the saints not just the sinners of the New Testaments. Apostle Paul is a perfect example of this. God sent him back to the same people he had been persecuting and wronging. There was a reason why Paul was hated even among some of the people of God. Who could trust such a man, even after repenting. But Paul’s sin…the multitude, were covered because Christ forgave him. But how is it that we know all about Paul’s sin in our generation? What about Peter’s sin? Any sin of those mentioned in the Bible? They were covered…yes? Yes. Concealed and hidden…no. The church knows. The world knows. I’m not talking about exploiting people’s sin—what happens in a marriage is between the couple. No, a parent beating children shouldn’t be hid. People committing crimes in a community…affects the community. Personal flaws and sins you do to yourself it is between you and God, not unless you are afflicting someone else. There is a time to talk when wickedness is occurring, why, because it has to be dealt with.

It has to be dealt with and keeping quiet, at times, helps no one. When you confess to God and if that’s all that’s required then so be it. But the church know we have to go and confess our faults one to another. It’s Biblical. The wife and husband must confess to God and one another….it’s due. But if it comes to you having wronged someone in secret that person has a right to know. Just like God had a right to have Adam and Eve voice their wrong to Him. They had committed the sin against themselves and God only. Not mankind. God JUDGED mankind as a result of their sin, but He didn’t have to, He decided to. God knows all things at all times, we as people don’t…you wronging someone on the downlow will cause you to fall into the pit of hell unless you confess it to them you’ve wronged. We have the examples in the Bible time and time again.

Individuals—sinners, who’ve wronged or persecuted in the church, understand the Believer will not lose their inheritance just because you decided to whisper a confession. God will hear those whom He know, in an event that they’ve been wronged. Trust and believe. And there are times where saints say, God I forgive them. I don’t want you to judge them. But it is God that avenges it, nonetheless. This is when intercessory prayer is most effective, we who will sacrifice. Just as it was with Moses and Pharaoh, it still is relevant today. If God appoints you for Salvation, He will cover your sins as He did Adam and Eve…the multitude of their sins were covered, yet they had to face the consequences, and that’s a possibility for anyone whom God chooses for Salvation. This is a rule implemented by God and it can affect any recipient of Salvation. I did go back and confess where God told me to. I sure did. I didn’t think it was necessary, but God said it and I did it. Why? God told me that you meeting me doesn’t eliminate the inheritance of those you’ve wrong before Salvation. They have a right to the justice, or you can go and make it right. I am Judge and Avenger. So, I told on myself. And I let that person have their say. God will hear their intercession for me, if they should choose to do so. God is obligated to His Word, the lifeline of His people.

Confessing your sin is more than just come into my heart Lord Jesus. This is a part of it. There are many prayers that can be used during the onset of repentance, but it requires sincerity, and the willingness to do whatever you must to make it right between God, the Savior and yourself. But sometimes you may have to go beyond that, it depends on the person and the situation. I had too and I did. I went straight to the person and confessed where I was wrong, though reborn again. And like I said, if you were defending yourself against an abuser there is no confession needed. None at all. You don’t have to let someone constantly physically abuse you or verbally, or however, and stand by and do absolutely nothing. When it has occurred twice, that is the indication the cheek had been turned. The devil will never grow tired of abusing you…AMEN…neither will his people because they carry him within. And AMEN. God don’t care who or what it is…you don’t escape wronging people, with God.


So, you felt the Godly sorrow…you’ve initially, first, confessed to God that you’re a sinner needing your sins covered through Jesus. Then the beginning of the initial plan for Salvation is just about finished. Godly sorrow has caused you to see yourself for what you really are–a sinner needing a Savior. Next…is the water baptism. The water baptism is the birth sac of Salvation. The sac is an extension of the Church—who God calls the Bride of Christ. She be pregnant with those God has chosen for Salvation…yes, sinners. You have to come unto her–the Church, through her Husband—the Christ. The Church is universal, not just local buildings, but edifices…local churches can be used for rebirth. So can a lake, a river, an ocean, and a tub. Salvation can occur anywhere. It can occur in midair or on the ground. It can occur over the internet or while watching television while at home or wherever. Salvation can occur any place in the world and at any time. God is birthing you into an eternal but universal body…which is what the Body of Christ is. The members of the Body of the ‘Bride’ of Christ, is everywhere. We are innumerable. The Bride’s birth sac carries the pollutants left behind just like the placenta, once you’ve emerged from your watery submersion, it is gone. The past sins are gone, so celebrate.

The watery grave represent more than just sorrow and confession, but it is you openly letting God know that you will now reject….turn away from and forsake the sin. All of the reasons you needed to repent…all of the reasons you needed a Savior will never be a part of you again. YOU reject it. YOU forsake it. YOU move forward with GOD. And I am telling you…God will consecrate you. He will endower you with power through the Holy Ghost. How blessed it is to hear from God when YOU pray. God don’t hear the prayers of those who despise you and wrong you. He don’t hear them. Indeed, God laughs. The scripture say, the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to Him (Proverbs 15:8-9) The sacrifice of the wicked is detestable to the LORD, but the prayer of the upright is His delight. The LORD detests the wayof the wicked, but He loves those who pursue righteousness. It’s disgusting to Him. God  separates His people for Himself. We don’t have clichés. We have the Body of Christ. That’s it. We don’t have the world. We have each other through the Household of Faith.

Leaving the Past in the Past

Don’t go chasing the past. YOU reject it. YOU forsake it. YOU move forward with GOD. You’re not going to reach your hand down into the polluted watery sac that holds a constant reminder of your past filth. A dog swallows it’s vomit. And when you partake in past sins that is exactly what you’re doing. God created the mind of a dog different from the mind of a human and when you see a human acting as a dog…God has given that person a reprobate mind(Romans 1:28-32). Woe unto them. I’m not talking about someone playing around….you know how a song can come on, or you at a game, it could be football, basketball…whatever, and all of a sudden you hear that, “Woo-woo…woo-woo”, emulating the barking sound of a dog, with the fist twirling in the air…that’s different. It is not the same. A person no matter how they age, they wallow in the sins of the past while in the present, just like a dog licking their own vomit in the sight of God(2 Peter 2:21-22). It’s a reprobate. Another word for reprobate…a pervert. What does pervert mean in its original text: That which is not natural. Twisted. Infiltrated with evil.

Yeah…it’s sickening. It is to God too. Repentance requires you give your all to God no matter what is going on. Separating yourself from sin. Whatever it is and for some it’s people. Separate yourself totally. There are people that sin and want you to sin too. They in the wrong so they want you in the wrong too. Gods’ people tread lightly. We better. And we don’t just do what we want. God place people in your life that will lead you to HIM. Building a relationship according to God’s Will…but it will be a relationship built for the furtherance of His kingdom. Those that God place in your life want what God want, and it’s a beautiful experience. Gods’ blessings have no added sorrow.

Salvation is Yours

You’ve felt the Godly sorrow. You’ve confessed to God, first. You’ve been baptized in the name of the Father…the the Son…and the Holy Spirit…the NAME is Jesus. The titles: are Father…Son…Holy Spirit. Many fathers…many sons…and many spirits, but all are identified by names. The Holy Ghost is Promised unto you since you believe and have acted on it. The Holy Spirit claims your soul entirely as a witness for the Heavenly Father that you are now reconciled with through Christ. You are willing to do whatever and go wherever God leads you to make all things right….to keep things right. And if you should falter keep the name of Jesus…not just the title Son, close but never take for granted that He is there. Remember, God will not be mocked. Once again, Congrats, New Believer. My brother. My sister.

Refer to scriptural aids as you walk in Salvation with Christ:

Romans 10: 9-10: If you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with your heart you believe and are justified, and with your mouth you confess and are saved.

Acts 2: 38-39: Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and gift of the Holy Spirit. This promise belongs to you and your children and to all who are far off—to all whom the Lord our God will call to Himself.

Keep reading the Word of God–the Holy Bible. Keep praying and worshiping.