Monopoly Wine List

The wine listed below is shipped from a 3rd party company that specializes in crafting bold flavors from the vine. Enjoy.

Words are only a fraction of the equation. What’s your action? Poetic Verb is a Rose that titillates the taste buds. Show that special someone with Poetic Verb, they’re a part of the whole.


The Madam is a Moscato wine that represent the mantle of the woman.


The Midwest is a smoky dry wine like the region. Try it chilled.

It’ll remind you of winter!


Poet’s Blood is a variety of red wines fused together.

This medley represents the complexities of our art

and the struggle it takes to live, write, and recite.

Writers pour out their heart…sweat…tears and blood.

Now sip on it from a bottle.

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