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Isaiah 43:2

2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Many do not understand this particular scripture but we-the FEW, do. For we are the Elect of God.

The Ostrich and the Horse
Dreams. Prophecies. Visions.
God will have the last laugh

God woke me up and told me on this day, “Get up. I have a new notation for you today. Get up and listen in to what Juanita Bynum is saying.” I obeyed. When I got to YouTube, this is what God was saying through the Prophetess for the Nations (387) BUILD IT AGAIN #6 – YouTube. God just keep confirming His Word and Will. Then God spoke to me, ” Prepare to drive to Queens, New York. I will further confirm my intent concerning your enemies. You will be in New York for 2 days. Now go.”

Believers in the Most High God….Yes, He did, CONFIRM. He told me and had been telling me for some time, and yes, I had been relaying the messages from time to time to the public as He instructed me to do so. When GOD say speak, you do it. When He say be quiet, you do it. Whatever He say concerning a situation, and each one is different, and how He choose to handle it and to navigate is His choice, we obey. It’s as simple as that. God is not going to allow the enemies to be the identifying source for HIS people. People who don’t even know you. So, when God say stand…you better do it. God told me to open up my mouth and talk…stand, just as our sister Juanita did when she was called a Jezebel.

People who want to speak evil against us while cutting up our backs God is going to condemn. Lying and deceiving the simple-minded folks and slandering and accusing us of this and that, but don’t even know you, nor do they walk with God enough to know how to stay in their lane. Then God told me,” Sunday, go into the PA…” this would be over a month later. But God said, “…I have one more message for you.” I was told to go to the congregational meeting where Gino Jennings pastor the flock. I love you, Pastor Jennings. You are truly the Apostle God has chosen for this day and age. We need you for this generation, sir. God Bless You. And God said plenty. One thing I need to add, is that no matter how many altar calls…the Holy Bible say, “Many are called but few are chosen.” This is so because God spoke out of my mouth one day, “It is so because many are coming but few will be saved.”

There are people who think that a title or a congregational meeting will save them or pardon them, but NO. It is the job of an elder to give an altar call only God can choose who He want and like God said, many will come and go down into the water as dry devils and come up as wet devils because He choose them NOT. You do not get away with what you do to the devout and it doesn’t matter who you are.

I would love to tell Apostle Gino personally what God said to me while leaving the PA. Perhaps he’ll read this insert one day. How beautiful and merciful is our God, just as He was to Adam and Eve who He provided an atonement for when they sinned. But He didn’t intreat Cain in like manner. He cursed him and yes, left it upon him until his dying day. No atonement for sin. I can’t speak for anyone else because I’m not in your shoes walking as you only as me with God. And God hears each obedient child. As far as my enemies, they are going to HELL. And they know it. I love it when God defends, you don’t have to do the retaining, He do. And for this, I gladly, and loudly shout, with applause.

God asked me, “Do you think cursed people receive eternal life with me?” I said no. He said, “You’re right.” If I retain the sins of enemies, a curse it is they indeed bare, and no they will not be coming into my heavens. The righteous rejoice in God’s judgments and justices. This is part of our inheritance. No, we don’t take up for the wicked because if Jesus is all they want they could simply do the right thing and humble themselves, but many in the last and evil days which we live in seek to persecute the church or to do some other form of evil against the saints. Amen.

I was washing clothing when God told me to view Bishop Hezekiah…that there is a message through the speaker today. I automatically thought Bishop Hezi was preaching….wowwwwww…. CONFIRMATION.
I haven’t listened in to Sister Byers in a while. God told me to go and listen to the video she had just placed online. I told God boldly,” Oh, God, I don’t want to watch a video right now.” God then said, “Go and read the insert now.” Sister Shaneika Byers usually places a summary of what the video she is posting online. She put it in writing. I did go and read about what the sister had posted and wooooow…once again, CONFIRMATION. I only go and view videos…it doesn’t matter who it is, concerning GOD…WHEN HE SAY SO, I GO. Other than that…I avoid. God receives my undivided attention always…until He delegates. We are HIS sons and daughters, and we follow HIS lead.

I did not plan on visiting Sister Byars page. God actually told me to go and get a meal at Dennys and told me which one to go to. While sitting in the booth God said I have something I want you to listen to. He told me where to go. I asked which video to listen to. He said the 2nd one on the list. I hadn’t read anything. I just hit it. As I listened, God said to me, “Tell the Caucasian race I have DIVORCED them.”


This message the sister is talking about has been told to my enemies and God gave them time to repent but they refused, as well as those from Texas who are originally from Illinois. You chose to steal and covet, you LIARS. You chose to help the wicked in KCMO. When God cut off the time period to correct what you’ve done, there isn’t anything anyone can do when the time is up. God wish that none would perish but we as a body of Believers in Christ KNOW that many will, and they do by choice. It’s their choice to indulge in conversations that cut down the devout. It’s their choice to choose to believe the doctrine of devils: He-said/She-said, slanders, rumors, lies, false witnessing, false accusers, and then you’ve been spreading the filth apparently that you all choose to live with. Just because you think someone is guilty doesn’t mean they are when accused. But white people are known for the spilling of INNOCENT and RIGHTEOUS blood, rather seen or unseen. When a hater is showing disdain it’s easy to find a fool to follow when there is no God inside of them.

For hundreds of years, white people have done this…SLANDERED blacks. God said there was no internet, t.v. radio, telephone, social media, and yet, black people were persecuted ALL OVER and how was it possible, due to white people’s lying, rumor and slanderous mouths…and just like always, it’s against people they do not know, who have done them no wrong, just for the hell of it, wanting to jump into something that’s none of their business. I told you all in a video, you ARE on the altar of Jezebel and that one day many of you will wake up, but you will remain glued to the altar because of what your purpose is in life…this is written what God is going to do to Jezebel’s children, and this includes those that assist them….you uncle toms and tommettes as well. You think I’m being hateful or bitter…yes, I have a reason to be angry….you all started this with ME and now you want to blame me because you don’t like my response and can’t control it.

You all have killed our ancestors and stolen our land, riches, birth rights and more, never correcting any of it for centuries. Then you Usurp your falsified form of authority, because you’re not chosen by God to do all that you’ve been doing concerning governing over this country and people. When you assist an individual, and they’re in the wrong….they have no justifiable reason for what they’re doing, it makes you just as guilty as the actual culprit who has initiated the evil. Like I said, you chose who to vouch for, and who you’ve been working for better have a back-up plan for your soul and lineage.

It’s the Caucasians own fault that they choose to be Game for Garbage. Though God has a minute few He’ll choose for Himself, He has definitely said, DIVORCED. What actually is He saying, He alone created the human race–all of mankind. But due to your persecutions and your willingness to adjoin yourself to evil….you support it, uplift it, uphold it, esteem it, cover for those who are wrong as hell, and more. And then the white people have the nerve to DO dirt, call themselves testing folks as if they’re God or as if their opinion is supposed to matter when it is not relevant at all. The MOST-HIGH GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH. The WHOLE truth. What did it have to do with anybody in YOUR RACE? You people are stealing human rights and liberties…intruding upon privacy of others, and overstepping boundaries, the very things that cause the problems to begin with, and there’s been no repentance of the smaller sins much more the greater in your race.

They have NOTHING to do with the situations others are enduring, especially when it’s already adverse or within another race, yet they don’t intervene to correct but to strengthen the devil and his people. You people want to come fighting, well, they pay for this fight. You don’t know me to do or say anything. What the hell did court shipping a man years ago have to do with one of you? There’s a curse on the man and you’ve who’ve assisted him. He IS evil. A devil from the pit of hell. Like God said, “Where is Zion and God’s input concerning all that this man has spoken?” It’s NOT ever coming. All this filthy man have is the wicked to back him up and so what. Furthermore, none of you don’t know what you’re talking about. But GOD saw what you all were doing as a race of people, along with the uncles. Go to who you vouched for. You can’t come here.

All of the Aaliyah liars and dead girl liars…go to hell. These people did not know Aaliyah or ME. Aaliyah did not know me nor did I know her. Those fools who believed in Hollywood…quick questions, “Do you all KNOW the crack dealer from Kansas City who said I was dead and Aaliyah? Do you all KNOW the trash that came up from Houston, Texas who are originally born in Alton, Illinois?” These are the people who created this bullcrap of a story along with the PETTY crack dealer in KCMO? Ya’ll KNOW these people?! Because I DO NOT KNOW ANY OF THESE PEOPLE WHO SPOKE THIS SHIT BEHIND MY BACK. I’m asking those fools in Law Enforcement and the government of America the same thing.

Those of you who’ve vouched for these people spewing out this false doctrine fall under a 7-fold judgment of God. God don’t need you to believe it! But it is so and so it is for ALL of you who have involved yourselves. God said EVERY partakers is in trouble. This is why God is judging you all. God said, ” The people are bound by the deception and the IMAGINATION within the mind of another person. The deceiver has no depth or foundation with Me or My Word. The wicked think and imagine this or that within the mind and then seek for weaker people to pollute.” God said this. When you esteem bullcrap over the Bible it is called the Doctrine of Devils and this is written in the Holy Bible. Bullcrap carries one’s mind and spirit away from God and the Bible. Jezebel’s children know all about that because they teach others and have for centuries. The Holy Bible is composed of Gods’ thoughts, His mind and Spirit…not man’s thoughts. Gods’ children rely on the Word and every word that proceed out of His mouth. Some have esteemed men and women who know not God and that’s your own fault. When God releases what is coming don’t even turn my direction. God is about to release a monster of a hit in the Kansas City area and a few other places as well but I’m not speaking on the others. A video will be released soon.

On September the 20, 2022 God to me to study the book of Judges. I’m in the 8th chapter and i made it down to 15th verse and asked God what does ‘Upbraid’ mean. He replied, look it up and use the Hebrew meaning. I did. Upbraid in Hebrew means: Instigate, taunt, ridicule, chide, etc… Yeah, I understand WHY you told me to start reading Judges the 8th chapter. I understand it well, LORD.

Some Caucasians sit back and do nothing to correct what they’ve done and got nerve to attack though they’ve started the evil themselves. It was their participation that exaggerated the whole situation along with dumb ass Tech N9ne who actually believed these people. You people just passively remain quiet and then expect for those who they’re wronging NOT to do or say anything at all. Like God said to me, “What they do to you they’ve done it to me too. I AM an Enemy to all of your enemies.” So, God gave the Caucasians over to reprobation…you’re an abomination to Him, whatever you want to call it. Either way, God has rejected you all. It’s your race’s turn to endure what you’re so willing…what you were so eager to afflict other minorities with. God said, “I will not be mocked.”

There are folks, mainly Caucasians who claim I’m rude, and yes, some uncles as well. God doesn’t like that I yell sometimes so I’ve asked Him to help me. He knows my anger is justified. I don’t play that tag-alone BS whitey. Go where the wings are open for you. You have your uncles. I want you to know it. That goes for the uncles too. What a joke. The Caucasian race has killed, stolen, destroyed and then have nerves as reigning oppressors of America, to think it’s not rude that you’ve paid nothing back to the families you’ve ostracized, persecuted, enslaved, robbed of OIL…my family was robbed of oil, others had diamonds, various resources…like tea leaves….you don’t own this industry either but like the rest of the industries in this country, you’ve usurped through ill-gotten manners and it is RUDE, not only that you’ve done so, and your ancestors have reserved everything for their generations to come that they may prosper, though you’ve robbed blacks and it is still effecting our generations to come, even NOW. It is RUDE that you have not made anything right and you can yet cause trouble and slander anyone in the black race in this country. How RUDE. So, if you think it is right how you’ve progressed in this country for centuries, then certainly, YOU DON’T MIND.

Kendrick Lamar has a few lyrics to a song I like: All The Stars

Tell me what you gon’ do to me
Confrontation ain’t nothin’ new to me
You can bring a bullet, bring a sword
Bring a morgue, but you can’t bring the truth to me

Fuck you and all your expectations
I don’t even want your congratulations
I recognize your false confidence
And calculated promises all in your conversation

And I would like to add: You can bring me war for peace. You gave me hatred for mercy, you oppressors. You then congregate not to my face instead of direct communications designed for humans, you gave whisperations, the catalyst for backstabbers’ exaggerations.

Instructed to upload on November the 14th 2022 when God brought this message to my attention.

There are stupid people who have animosity towards me for what the liars have said. God wants you to know, not only are the liars who spoke untruths initially, but those who helped spread the rumors and slanders, and you who decided to jump on board are all going to hell. Don’t get mad at me for what someone else said behind my back. Like God said, He did not create me with my face attached to my back nor did He for any other human. I am NOT the source of the BS. I AM NOT THE ONE WHO SPOKE THE LIES ON MYSELF. I’ve been fighting devils for years and no I want ever stop. You insult me when I myself am telling the world and have for YEARS that I am not no Aaliyah. I SAID IT YEARS AGO and have not stopped saying it so why are you mad at me. I’m not the cause of this BS. Nor am I responsible for these lies. I don’t have to repent for this crap. Go to hell. EVERY last one of you. 11/15/22 God just said, “You all were warned repeatedly.”