Faith through Fire

Faith through Fire

 The 1st Black Mafia Princess of America WAS under review but is now APPROVED and PUBLISHED. Visit Barnes and Noble to purchase a book or have them ship one to you. Thank you for your patience and support.

This first release of my autobiography (Madam Midwest) it talks about the Womb to Adolescence (0-12 years of age). I will progress with each book, revealing the truths about my life, and who I am. The hurt. The abuses. The deceptions and more. God has set me free to be me! And as readers travel into this monstrous abyss, you will be moved, angered, disheartened, those of you who’ve been confused due to the mouths of slanderers and liars, you’ll be enlightened.

Finally! Hallelujah! Okay, Madam Estate’s newest release is available at Barnes & Noble!

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Books will soon be uploaded at Faith through Fire. The books that are being uploaded is a series composed of 5 parts. I have to do it...instructions from God, write your autobiography. Only I can do me, explain me, and no other can do it better but God Himself. Also, while checking out the Madam Estate Monopoly Extension for books, check out the Faith through Fire clothing line and more by clicking on the link. Thank you and keep the FAITH.

I made an art collection (these are the center pics of the 3 part collection) from a vision inside of a dream that was given by the Most High God. We as people of the human race only have One God to govern over the entire universe, though many don’t believe or replace Him with their own ideologies, images and beliefs. The collection was stolen(files from my personal computer)and now the objects/images God has placed curses on…these curses pouring onto the crown of the head of the individual who was foolish enough to do it…and since there is a sevenfold return for each curse, it pours into the lineage of the fool who did it. Liars say God do not curse but He is the reason we were born under a curse, and every generation since Cain and Abel. God choose to do it, as He did in this situation as well.

Adam and Eve weren’t born with curses, just given them. Liars say God don’t judge the breaking of the Commandments…I guess they’re only thinking about the 10 in Exodus, but yes He judge the 10 as well as the others…there about 700 more in the Holy Bible alone. Let me explain the dangers of coveting and stealing…intruding and so forth. When God gives a mission…He measures the time invested, money if any, the sweat, the anguish, hardship, the tears, the tribulations, the persecutions if any should accompany it…all of it. Everything you’ve endured internally and externally. And a fool then comes and partake in portion of something that was not even meant for them to endure. And there is no intersession for it. Its a judgment and no one can remove it or influence God to reconsider.

It may not mean anything to someone else….it’s just an object, no big deal to the thief, they like it…they lust it, which is why they would then covet and steal it…God never gives the clearance for it without coming through the owner and correcting it. And well, I’m never giving the okay…no to a clearance. Absolutely not and I don’t care who it is. They’re not GOD and can’t be ever. So that’s the end of that. God gave the dream and told me why He’d given it, AND what to do with what HE had given. All I did was followed Gods’ instructions. The creation was not even my from my own imagination. It was HIS idea. God gave me instructions to remake the visions inside of the dream. And He told me how He want the 2nd collection to be distinguished from the 1st one and I’m going to do it exactly as He has instructed.

The first collection has a specific signature…its how I placed it in the first collection made, and the thief don’t know where it is or what it is. God then said for the remake I’m to put the number ‘2’, its to be visible so all can know its the remake and not the first one that was stolen. He or she who holds the initial one, as well as he or she who would be foolish enough to purchase it from the thief partakes of the curses of the thief and the thief’s family.

Be on the look out for the completed 3 part collection(version 2) that was given to me by God and when finished and uploaded I will let you all know just what God wants to do with it. Also BOOKS are on the way. The books under the Faith through Fire section here at will be about M.E., that’s right, my experiences. Learn the reasons why before you open up your mouth and LIE about this lady. And you slanderers, you don’t matter.