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Madam Midwest

Welcome to Madam Estate. Many know me as MadMid, and I am the Proprietress of this estate. I thank you for coming. Check out the site and support the authors who’ve released books, merchandise, as well as those who will. You know where to look if I have something to write or if you have something to say to me, personally. Also, as of recently, you who love me…as well as the curious, can check me out at the Pavement of the Proprietress.

If yuh hungry baby go get fed at The Slab where artist, authors, poets, and poetess alike can share the meat…or whatever they might bring to the mic. Check out our newsletter entitled Crushing Stones. Support the cause yall. What you do to the least of them…you’ve done it unto the Lord. Support the damn cause. Periodically, I’ll upload pics at Madam’s Gallery. It’s not my niche so don’t expect an album any time soon.

We at Madam Estate are also in the process of building on Twitter and Facebook among other social media sites. See you there. During your visit check under the Associates tab and show your support. For some of you it’s been years since we’ve been acquainted. Drop me a line when you get time at or hit me up on, Or if you like, we can chat on Madam St., check our the Stay Connected page to find out how. Much love.  Stay in.  Madam.