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Madam Midwest

Welcome to Madam Estate. Many know me as MadMid, and I am the Proprietress of this estate. I thank you for coming. Check out the site and support our mission. Also, check out the books released. There are free reading samples on Google. Instructions are found inside of the Monopoly Mart. Within the Monopoly Mart there’s a plethora of merchandise as well. Support us! You know where to look if I have something to write or if you have something to say to me, personally. But for those who don’t, you can correspond with me on Here at Madam Estate via chat, email, or phone.

Madam Estate with be holding it down with Anchor when we launch the Pavement of the Pros–our new podcast, so check out our blog as well. Once again, catch us on Pavement of the Pros. Do you write or recite? I do both. Poetical Expressions is all about the poetry. Submit your poems via email and we will feature them here at Madam Estate.

If yuh hungry baby go get fed at The Slab where artist, authors, poets, and poetess alike can share the meat…or whatever they might bring to the mic. Check out our newsletter entitled Crushing Stones. Support the cause ya’ll. Subscribe. The business plan designed to assist the displaced earn income is original, given from God. As I walk on this journey with Him, through communication I learn of His heart, His desires, and why He permit certain struggles, and it’s so He can entrust you to help those who endure the same.

What you do to the least of them…you’ve done it unto the Lord. Support the damn cause. Periodically, I’ll upload pictures, of who or what, who knows But when I do, they’ll be available for viewing in Madam’s Gallery. It’s not my niche so don’t expect an album any time soon. We at Madam Estate are also in the process of building on Twitter and Facebook among other social media sites. See you there. Visit the Stay Connected page to find out how. Much love.  Stay in. Peace. Madam.

Madam Midwest (MadMid)