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Madam Estate’s Monopoly Mart is all about the writers, the authors, and those with an artistic flair. If you want items displayed at Madam Estate’s Monopoly Mart, chat with us on Madam St. or send us an email. E-Books are availabe for purchase by pressing the link in each section. Paperback, hardback books, and audiobooks can be purchased right here at Madam Estate.

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A book of poems and short stories about: love, lies, and

yes, seduction. But it’s more than that. There is more to a man

than just sex. The Orgy of Persuasion is about an open relationship.

It’s about the artistry of life, work, God, death, and more.

“Life is an Orgy.”

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False Claim is a suspense thriller short story with the inception of veracity.
Tara Brookmeir is a young woman who evokes with aspirations of becoming an executive until faced with the wiles of those who would do anything to distort her efforts in an attempt to kill her dream.

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Silver is the debut of the duo Madam Sir-Major as NhyKqi Boy. The Silver assembly is a souvenir dedicated to Nikky Finney and Nikki Giovanni.

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On Edge is the first release of a 5 part series. This book is full of realism…a barrage of poems and short stories with insight about the author’s interpersonal experiences that model her perception about life.

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