Gods’ Underground Authority

God is speaking from the Throne Room of His Holy Kingdom!

This is for Gods’ Underground Nation of people otherwise known as Gods’ Underground Authority.

If you’re not of GODS’ Underground Authority then its nothing. He doesn’t hear you, see you, or know you.

God’s Word states the Deep call into the Deep…though on top, my roots are of the underground

because of my father, and as an underground figure and representative of our Heavenly

Father-Jehovah (Yahweh), through Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ, God is stepping into and walking

through the underground and He is pulling his people up and out!

Contact address: comeasyouare@undergroundauthority.network

The 1st Black Mafia Princess of America WAS under review but is now APPROVED.

Thank you for your patience.

This is for US! If you’re IN then you’re UNDER.

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