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Literary Expressions are Excursions worth Exploring!

Madam Sister is an author and has released a book (paperback and the e-book version) entitled: On Edge. As an author she has had a collection of compilations, s of recent she has material in the books entitled The Voices of Real— volumes two and three. She enjoys projecting upon her own creativity and material that resonates with her from all over the world—giving credit to each derivative source, of course. She originates from the Midwestern region and is currently working on a couple of manuscripts as she prepares to travel abroad.

Mr. Ramsey Promise the raconteur is a writer. As an author he’s inducing his experiences about the whirls of relationships, life, love and death. Sharing his vulnerability in his pursuit of fortifying love for himself and God, he exposes the in-depth truth about emotionalism, and it’s affects within as a well-seasoned man…rather than the acute measures of the unpretentious.

The ‘Major’ of Madam Sir-Major began creative writing as a hobby. No secret who that Madam be, MadMid if you’re still wondering. Major along side a few others will be working to complete the audio version of Silver.